Today’s decorating includes lanterns as a part of modern day décor while in years gone by people had no choice! There are so many great uses you can put lanterns to in and around your home and so many different style and function choices available that the possibilities are almost endless. Here though are just a few ideas:

Light the Way Home

The entrance to your home needs to be lit after dark.  That does not have to mean that you cannot be a little creative with your illuminations though.

Placing lanterns at the side of a particular place can add a beautiful welcoming touch as well as visual charm.

Moroccan decor is warm, colorful, exotic and even a little mysterious, and over the last several years has become a hot trend in Western home decor. But you don’t have to make over an entire room to add a little Moroccan spice to your space as even smaller touches can have quite an impact, like the entrance to your home, steps or a staircase leading up to your front door, light up a dim lit or dark hallway.  Add a little extra visual interest to impress first time visitors to your home!