What Good Are Mirrors?

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What good are mirrors?

While a mirror can easily double the size of a room through its reflection it can also increase the brightness of a room.  If you have a dimly lit room hang mirrors across from windows to bring more natural light into the room.  For many individuals, mirrors are a necessity in everyday life.  Especially in the morning when makeup is being put on, or after eating breakfast, you can peak in the mirror to see if your face is okay.

Be careful where you place the mirrors.  Do not put them across from a wall that has paint peeling off or where the sunlight rays come in and will at specific times be uncomfortable to your eyes.  Fix them to reflect artwork or to reflect a beautiful image.

Golden Petals Wall Mirror

Mirrors make statements.  Use large Mirrors in small rooms to make room look larger.  Do not use small mirrors in large rooms.  Use large mirrors or mirrors with decorative frames to attract the eye.  Choose a focal point, like the mantlepiece or a prominent wall or table piece.  The addition of a mirror in any room can make a room look more beautiful and pleasant.  Try to avoid places where mirrors reflect undesirable items or areas.

If your dining room has a chandelier or nice light fixture; hanging a mirror to reflect both the beauty of light or the light fixture would be great.  Mirrors can help balance a room.  They can help achieve your interior decorating design goals; if installed in the right places they will have a good outcome.  Choose mirrors that reflect your style to make the decoration process excel.

If your home is more traditional style, choose antique frames.  If your style is more modern use contemporary frames.  This will help seamlessly blend mirrors into your homes design.

You can place mirrors in stairways or hallways to make them look wider. Install on one side or both sides according to your preferences.

For quality of a mirror check for three aspects.  Glass quality, glass mirror thickness, and mirror silvering.  Glass should have no inconsistencies, does not distort reflections, and should have a flat surface.  Mirrors for homes are available in 1/8, 3/16, and ¼ inch thickness.

So, keep in mind:

  1. Install mirrors strategically
  2. Choose personal design
  3. Create a focal point
  4. Use large mirrors in small rooms
  5. Purchase mirrored furniture, such as mirrored coffee tables, cabinets or chairs. Ideal for brightening windowless rooms.
  6. Place in stairways or hallways
  7. Quality