Special Days For Celebrating Our Successes

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What do you do for your Special Day?

Do you have a special day? It could be a birthday, or some other Holiday or a day that you will remember because you did something special and it turned into one of your most cherished moments with your loved ones around.

It does not have to be a day for showering with presents or money.  It could be a day that you deserve to celebrate.

How would you celebrate your special day, and achieve the memorable milestones or importance of your deserved occasion for years to come?

The Key is to be Happy

Sometimes, you have to make special days to keep yourself going.  To help keep you from getting yourself down in the dumps when things do not turn out the way it should.  We would like to have things be successful.  Success is hardly ever the same to two different people.  And then you must ask, “What is the definition of success?”   Will it be a journey or a destination?  To make it really successful, you have to be happy.

We have to keep in mind, individually, and use our conscience to keep us on the right path to remove barriers that keep us from being happy.  We do not have to measure our known capabilities alone.  We can count on the power of God and its expanding influence on our lives.  We can know our ability and strength can be magnified to meet any challenge that confronts us.

Create your own special day with love as the center of attention.  Happiness is created.  Happiness will enable us to stay young at heart in whatever do.  It has been said, “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof if we pursue the path that leads to it.”

So, with the special day you have set aside to celebrate, share it with things you have learned to deal with, opposition, wisdom, becoming stronger, and experience joy.  Filling the challenges that have gave us trials to go through to make our character.  Through overcoming the challenges in our life come growth and strength.