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One thing I have always loved is the light coming through the Kitchen and Living room windows.  My home now, is always dark and I feel so unmotivated, but in the light, I feel so much more motivated and able to think more clearly.  I came from a farm in Idaho and always liked the natural light coming in our home from outdoors.  We could look out our big living room window and see the Majestic Teton Peaks Mountain Range.  Just thinking back in time has so many memories.  So, if I were to do some improving in my home now, I would have to have more light coming in and probably pictures and accent items to remind me of my childhood growing up at home.  And of course, my parents would have had a lot of influence in their children having good memories.

Just imagine in the summertime going up the canyon on a nice summer day.  You would start up the Jackson Pass smoothly and then there would be all kinds of hairpin curves as you go along, and one side of the road would have these big drop offs down into the valley below.  It was beautiful but also scary.  Sometimes our car would break down and we would have to sleep in the car until we could get someone to help us get parts in the morning.  That was the bad part.  Or if it started to rain, there would be lightening strikes and thunder after it and it would be so loud and echo through the canyon.  The roads would be slick, and you must be careful that you do not slide off the road.

It would always be a family event.  Whether it was taking someone in the family to work up there in the summer or just going to Jackson Hole Wyoming, and Yellowstone Park.  It was always an adventure when we drove up the Jackson Pass.