Special Days For Celebrating Our Successes

Live, Love, Laugh Wall Decor

What do you do for your Special Day? Do you have a special day? It could be a birthday, or some other Holiday or a day that you will remember because you did something special and it turned into one of your most cherished moments with your loved ones around. It does not have to […]

Candle Lanterns and Wall Candle Sconces

                                                              Candle Lanterns and Wall Candle Sconces      Sconce is a fancy word for “wall light.”  Sconce defined is, a wall bracket that is […]

What Good Are Mirrors?

What good are mirrors? While a mirror can easily double the size of a room through its reflection it can also increase the brightness of a room.  If you have a dimly lit room hang mirrors across from windows to bring more natural light into the room.  For many individuals, mirrors are a necessity in […]

Fireplaces still loved but many Alternative Lifestyle Options

So, why do we have fireplaces in our homes?  Many people love to gather around a fireplace, especially if it is cold outside. Historically, fireplaces were used for heating a dwelling, cooking, and heating water.  Modern fireplaces vary in heat efficiency.  In general fireplaces do not generate a lot of heat into a home.  A […]

My Inspiration Blog Post

One thing I have always loved is the light coming through the Kitchen and Living room windows.  My home now, is always dark and I feel so unmotivated, but in the light, I feel so much more motivated and able to think more clearly.  I came from a farm in Idaho and always liked the […]